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In New Zealand there is a growing demand for Islamic finance options among business owners who adhere to Islamic principles. Islamic business loans are an alternative to conventional loans and in New Zealand you can get an approved Islamic business loan for starting a business, buying a business or growing your existing business. 

Islamic business loans are structured differently from traditional loans, as they are designed to comply with Islamic principles that prohibit interest (riba) and promote ethical business practices. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur in New Zealand seeking an Islamic business loan, here’s all you need to know about Islamic finance in New Zealand.

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1. What is Islamic Finance

Islamic finance, also known as Sharia-compliant finance, is a system of financial principles and practices that adhere to Islamic law, or Sharia. 

An Islamic business loan prohibits the charging or paying of interest, as well as investing in certain industries such as alcohol, gambling, and pork. Islamic finance emphasises the principles of fairness, transparency, risk-sharing, and social responsibility.

Instead of traditional interest-based lending, it utilises various mechanisms such as profit-sharing, lease-to-own arrangements, and asset-based financing, among others.

Islamic finance is not limited to Muslims, and has gained global recognition as a viable and ethical alternative to conventional finance.
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Islamic finance business loan broker nz

2. Applying for an Islamic business loan in NZ

5 minute phone call

A 5 minute phone call is all it takes for us to understand your business, what type of lending you require and how much Islamic finance will be available to you. Contact Glenn on 0272 611 207 and start a conversation today.

Prepare your Islamic business loan application

We are partnered with New Zealands top tier Islamic business loan lenders and know exactly what they require to approve your Islamic finance. We'll help you prepare and submit your application, ensuring your finance is Sharia compliant.

manage updates through to settlement

We can manage any additional requirements and liaise with the lender so you can continue on with your business operations as usual. Once an offer is available we can work with you to ensure you are happy with the terms and help finalise documentation through to your draw down.

Applying for an Islamic business loan in NZ

Islamic Finance business loan broker

Chat with Compare Business Loans today about your Islamic finance requirements. We can help you prepare your application and ensure it is a successful one.

3. Who can use Islamic finance

Islamic finance was initially designed for Muslims, but it is now increasingly popular with non-Muslims as well.

Islamic business loans promote fairness, transparency, and risk-sharing and is being seen by business owners as a viable option for their business loan needs, regardless of their religion or beliefs.

Anyone, regardless of their religion, who seeks ethical and inclusive financial solutions can benefit from Islamic finance as an alternative to conventional finance.

Interested in applying for an Islamic business loan? Get in touch with Compare Business Loans today and see what funding is available to your business.

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Business loan lenders in New Zealand

We are partnered with multiple business loan lenders throughout NZ. Each lender provides different types of business loans and will offer different rates for small business loans depending on your business’ financial situation and financial history.

Heres a few lenders we work with and their basic lending criteria.

Get capital small business loans

Fast flexible business finance

• Loans from $5000
• Minimum 9 months trading
• Unsecured to $50k
• 10k or more monthly revenue
• Cashflow, asset, equipment finance

Heartland bank small business loans

Give your business a boost

• Unsecured up to $100k
• Terms up to 5 years
• Secured loans available
• No early repayment fees
• Interest rates from 11%

Fundtap invoice finance nz

Invoice Finance

• 100% online
• Loan off your outstanding invoices
•Funds in 24hrs
• Fast source of cashflow
• Use it when you need it

Pioneer Finance NZ

Your loan, tailored to you

• 100% online application
• Loan terms up to 7 years
• Secured finance
• Finance up to $100k
• Business finance for any reason

efco small business finance nz

We Finance Dreams

• 100% online
• From 8.95%
•Decision in 24hrs
• Startup business loans
• Vehicle finance, asset finance, cashflow loans

Speirs Finance NZ

The kiwi owned team growing kiwi businesses

• Truck Finance
• Repayment up to 5 years
• Heavy Machinery Finance
• 2nd hand asset finance
• Equity Release

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