Disclosure Statement

Glenn Holmes and Sticky Media Limited Trading/as Compare Business Loans.

Financial Services Provider Number: 1003602

As the client/s I/we are signing of our own free will and have made an informed independent decision as to whether or not it is in my/our
best interest or financial position to go ahead with this loan application.

I/we are aware that Glenn Holmes nor any employees of Compare Business Loans are Qualified Financial Entities and are not advising me/us on
financial matters. The broker has complied with all regulations under the Responsible Lending Code and has explained my/our rights in full
including my/our rights under unforseen hardship.

Please Note:

  • No liability will be accepted or taken by the above mentioned broker in respect to the client taking out the loan for whatever purpose the client/s have decided to use the loan for be it business or personal use in any capacity.
  • It has been recommended that the client/s seek independent legal advice prior to signing any financial agreements and this has been explained to the client/s.
  • The client/s agrees to indemnify the broker, Glenn Holmes or his company or associates or employees of any and all liability in arranging the loan on behalf of the client.
  • The client/s have read the above disclosure statement in full and understands in full without exception that they have employed the broker to act on their behalf and it is under the client/s instructions that the broker operates.
  • I/We have given the broker our full consent to gather 3rd party information on behalf of other finance companies or lenders or associates on the basis of assisting us with getting our finance application approved, this includes, but is not limited to Government Agencies including Work and Income NZ, Baycorp or Veda Advantage ltd/Equifax, Personal Properties Security Register, Insurance Companies, Drivers License agencies, Ministry of Justice and any and all other agencies or employers regarding assisting the collection of information for our application, this disclosure statement incorporates and allows collection of the information pursuant to the privacy act of 1993 and any request (both now and in future) for any loan purposes or enquires and for our database marketing purposes via phone /email / mailout or marketing agent/s.

Complaints: If you are not satisfied with the service you have received from us you should contact us. We have an internal complaints
process and undertake to investigate your concerns promptly and fairly. You may contact us to make a complaint by telephone, by email
or in writing.

We are a member of an independent dispute resolution scheme operated by Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme INC
and approved by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

We have 40 days to respond to your complaint. If you are not satisfied by our response, you may refer the matter to IFSO by emailing info@ifso.co.nz or calling IFSO on 0800 888 202. Full details of how to access the IFSO scheme can be obtained on their website www.ifso.co.nz. There is no cost to you to use the services of IFSO