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Compare Business Loans are your local business loan broker NZ. We help our business clients secure funding for almost any reason. From growth to new equipment to debt consolidation, cashflow and more. We can help your business identify what you need, then find a lending solution to keep your business running smoothly.

1. What does a business loan broker NZ do

A Business loan broker NZ can manage your loan application and help guide you through the entire application process. 

As a business loan broker NZ, we understand common problems kiwi businesses face. From cashflow trouble to growth issues to outdated equipment or simply just getting through the quieter months. We know businesses can experience difficult stages and require assistance to help keep them moving.

Once we assess your business we can match you to the right type of business loan and a lender most suitable for your current situation. Each type of business loan has advantages and disadvantages, as do each lender who have varying application requirements.

Getting you to the right lender the first time saves you time and potential declines. 
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Compare business loans business loan broker nz

2. When to use a business loan broker

Identify a Need. If you have landed on our site then you have likely identified a need (or a problem) in your business. You could be experiencing growth, maybe you have a new contract and need equipment to service it. You may have multiple debts that are hard to keep track of and want to consolidate them into one easy payment.

Whatever the reason, a business loan broker can assess your business and help identify what it needs to grow or continue operating efficiently.

As we have the knowledge of multiple lenders you can use us to determine which lender is the best option for you. We can also advise what type of business loan is the right for your situation and what is required to lodge your application.
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Small business loan broker NZ

3. How a business loan broker NZ can assist your business

Identify what your business needs

We'll help you identify what your business needs. A quick phone call is usually all it takes to pre assess your business needs and advise what the next steps are. We'll find out about your current situation, your plans and vision for the future.

Choose the right lending solution

There are many different lending solutions offered by various lenders throughout NZ. As a business loan broker we will compare your needs with what lending options are available. We'll know what type of lending you require and which lender to apply with, saving you time and keeping the loan application process as stress free as possible.

Lodge your App & followup

Once your business loan application is submitted we can monitor progress and liaise with the lender and your business to help get you the result you want. If further information is required we can assist and update your application as needed.

How a business loan broker NZ can assist your business
Free Application Management

Contact a Business Loan Broker NZ Today

Chat with us today and get your business loan application started. We can assist in helping you prepare everything required and help ensure your application is successful.

4. What kind of business loans do we offer?

Because we are partnered with multiple lenders we can secure any kind of business loan required. We offer, but are not limited to:

  1. Asset finance
  2. Cashflow loans
  3. Startup business loans
  4. Working capital
  5. Unsecured loans
  6. Secured loans
  7. Franchise business loans

Each type of loan comes with a different requirements and may or may not suit your business needs or give you the best value. It is best to speak with a business loan broker NZ first, so we can assess your business and come up with a solution for you.

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Business loan lenders in New Zealand

We are a business loan broker NZ partnered with multiple lenders throughout New Zealand. Each lender provides different types of business loans and will offer different rates for small business loans depending on your business’ financial situation and financial history.

Heres a few lenders we work with and their basic lending criteria.

Get capital small business loans

Fast flexible business finance

• Loans from $5000
• Minimum 9 months trading
• Unsecured to $50k
• 10k or more monthly revenue
• Cashflow, asset, equipment finance

Heartland bank small business loans

Give your business a boost

• Unsecured up to $100k
• Terms up to 5 years
• Secured loans available
• No early repayment fees
• Interest rates from 11%

Fundtap invoice finance nz

Invoice Finance

• 100% online
• Loan off your outstanding invoices
•Funds in 24hrs
• Fast source of cashflow
• Use it when you need it

Pioneer Finance NZ

Your loan, tailored to you

• 100% online application
• Loan terms up to 7 years
• Secured finance
• Finance up to $100k
• Business finance for any reason

efco small business finance nz

We Finance Dreams

• 100% online
• From 8.95%
•Decision in 24hrs
• Startup business loans
• Vehicle finance, asset finance, cashflow loans

Zip Capital small business loans nz broker

Grow your Business with Zip Capital

• Unsecured up to $500k
• Repayment up to 5 years
• Rates from 9%
• No early repayment fees
• Decision within 24 hours

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