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Welcome to Compare Business Loans. As a business loan broker Auckland we can help your business get approved finance for almost any reason. We’re partnered with over 15 lenders in New Zealand so can offer all types of business loans from small business loans, unsecured finance to secured finance to a line of credit or asset and equipment finance.

Our job is to help your business identify the type of business loan you need, then get the right information to the right lender. We can manage your business loan application from start through to settlement.

1. Business loan broker Auckland

A business loan broker Auckland can help your business get the funding it needs to grow, purchase assets, take on more staff, buy more stock and more. 

Every lender is different and will lend to certain businesses for certain reasons so you need to do your research and get with the right lender the first time. We’re the best business loan brokers to help you succeed with your application. 

Business loan brokers are partnered with multiple lenders so there is more chance of a faster approval because the broker will get your application to the lender who offers the right type of loan for your business situation.
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Business Loan Broker Auckland NZ

2. Applying for a small business loan

5 minute phone call

A 5 minute phone call is all it takes for us to understand your business, what type of lending you require and how much in funding will be available.

Prepare your business loan application

So you can continue running your business, we will manage your application, gather the required docs and write it up exactly how are lender needs it to read. We can help you with all small business loans. We'll then choose the lender most likely to approve your application and offer you the best interest rate.

manage updates through to settlement

Once your application is lodged, we can manage any additional requirements if a lender requests further information. Once an offer is available we can chat with you and negotiate terms or the interest rate if required. Our service is free and you'll only pay a broker fee in your loan amount if it settles. We're the best business loan brokers for the job.

Business loan broker Auckland Compare Business Loans
Free Application Management

Ready to chat with a business loan broker Auckland?

To find out whats funds are available to your business chat with Compare Business Loans – Business loan broker Auckland. We can help you prepare everything required and ensure your application is a successful one. Choose the best business loan broker today.

3. What type of small business loan is right for your business

Compare Business loans can help your business secure a small business loan whether you are a startup, buying a business or an already established business thats been trading for a year or more. Every business has the potential to secure funds, you just need to make sure your business in in a healthy position to apply and you get to the right lender.

We can help with small business loans for:

  1. Asset finance
  2. Cashflow loans
  3. Startup business loans
  4. Working capital
  5. Unsecured loans
  6. Secured loans
  7. Loan for purchasing stock

Each type of loan comes with different requirements and may or may not suit your business so it is best to speak with us first so we can assess and come up with a solution for you. 

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Business loan lenders in New Zealand

We are partnered with multiple business loan lenders throughout NZ. Each lender provides different types of business loans and will offer different rates for small business loans depending on your business’ financial situation and financial history.

Heres a few lenders we work with and their basic lending criteria.

Get capital small business loans

Fast flexible business finance

• Loans from $5000
• Minimum 9 months trading
• Unsecured to $50k
• 10k or more monthly revenue
• Cashflow, asset, equipment finance

Heartland bank small business loans

Give your business a boost

• Unsecured up to $100k
• Terms up to 5 years
• Secured loans available
• No early repayment fees
• Interest rates from 11%

Fundtap invoice finance nz

Invoice Finance

• 100% online
• Loan off your outstanding invoices
•Funds in 24hrs
• Fast source of cashflow
• Use it when you need it

Pioneer Finance NZ

Your loan, tailored to you

• 100% online application
• Loan terms up to 7 years
• Secured finance
• Finance up to $100k
• Business finance for any reason

efco small business finance nz

We Finance Dreams

• 100% online
• From 8.95%
•Decision in 24hrs
• Startup business loans
• Vehicle finance, asset finance, cashflow loans

Speirs Finance NZ

The kiwi owned team growing kiwi businesses

• Truck Finance
• Repayment up to 5 years
• Heavy Machinery Finance
• 2nd hand asset finance
• Equity Release

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Considering a business loan? We'll get you approved funding from the right lender!